[*] undertow

The above diagramatic scrawl is part of the schemata underlying the chapter upon said ‘undertow’ in the tome I am somewhat ponderously penning.  I sorely wanted to leave this particular chapter out of the tome.  As one of those few whose council’s I take seriously cautioned:  to expound upon it too much would make the tome ‘cultural alchemy’, when it is expressly aimed at being a manual of ‘physical’ alchemy. 

The world needs many orders of magnitude less books on ‘cultural alchemy’ and critique – and [possibly] a few more on practical instruction towards the ends of transmutation and balancing of all the many imbalances existing in the world we live in. 

Alas, it does [indeed] seem that it will be a necessity to have at least one chapter on ‘all that jazz’ in ze tome.  It will likely take the form of a ‘metachapter’ – as it will splice and interlace the key themes and principles of Physical Alchemy with some of the insights of the venerable humans mentioned in the above diagram into something akin to pattern-seeing Celtic knotwork.

The goal of this [meta]chapter is not to spark ‘discussion and discourse’ [though sure as time marches on, it will] but to begin to train the reader to see into, behind, under and through discourse – to the undertow.  All real questions will be answered as fully and from as many angles as possible.  The function of the manual is to ‘aid guiding’, but as the one of the major themes of the book is that people do not.. can not [in general] ask real questions, the best bet to answering ‘quest[1,2,3]ons’ related to this type of work is simply to leave the spear laying on the floor and patiently wait for the person to skewer themselves with their of ‘questioning’, discoursing, discussing, arguing, expressing ‘their’ opinion, philosophising, ‘Socratic dialoguing’ and ‘counter-teaching’ [especially ‘counter-t3aching’] –  and so on.*

You cannot give an answer to someone in the thrall of their mindshape. [though you can grab the buttered popcorn]

And no answer [regardless the ‘question’] is more powerful than the soursearing shock of them realizing they did not ask the ‘question’ in the first place [or post most of their posts on social media].

Why roast fools when they cook themselves to perfection, given time [?]

Our soul obeys a spiritual serotiny. 

Our essence wakes via sacred pyriscence.

[*] uncommon shelves

Casting the gaze upward to the diagram:  of the ‘outer 7’ (the ones with the arrows pointed to them, circling the ‘[G]’)  you will commonly only find Aldous Huxley on the shelves at ‘Dymocks’*.

And of his works you will be most likely find only his classic [novel] ‘Brave New World’. Less often do you find ‘The Doors of Perception’ – and even less often ‘Brave New World revisited’.


There is fertile soils for growing the underunderstanding of the world in this. 

[*] heritage
The ‘outer 7’ make up the authors who are most influential upon the configuration and mapping of the multifaceted and mercurial nature of ‘the undertow’ [a.k.a the disenchantment; a.k.a the unmentionable crisis;  the ‘BSC’, et al,.] as it appears in the Art of Physical Alchemy.  [G] in the centre who provides the architecture to interface between these ‘outer 7’ [who themselves have more or less specialists honed in on one or three aspects of the undertow].  

[Besides and above and far beyond these textual sources there is immense influence from my Teacher  [L] – thank you thank you thank you. I hesitate to consider where I’d be without ya, maaan.   And also at this stage just before the dawn of publication of my method proper, my Teacher [M] – thank you thank you thank you]

The authors to the side are authors who also write on this submerged titan. There are of course, far, far more than the few mentioned.

My reasons for excluding these authors and others from my configuration are my own. 

In some cases I noticed anomalies with people who had positioned these authors [and others not mentioned] within their primary influences [‘anomalies’ in regards to the process I teach, only].  Some I read over and there was none of the atmospherics mentioned in the ‘9 Tomes’ video series – thusly the books were simply not for my Art’s prima materia

It is possible that these authors could make up the base material for bodies of work that focus upon transmutations other than the one that I specialize in. The influences we place ourselves under are very important.  Exclusion of certain influences for some goals can be more important than the influences we put ourselves under.  

Others authors [for instance RAW [Robert Anton Wilson]*, who is absent from the list] I found specifically shatter the alembic for the process I guide through if they are read at the wrong stage of said process (and this stage is different for each mindshape) – and will often take years and much difficult repatterning work to reform the ‘alembic’.  These same category of influences can offer many things to people who have passed through certain gates in the process – but only afterwards, when the essence has stabilized to a certain degree and one can perceive clearly the shifting sands of the undertow. 

[*] alchemically apophatic

Not all authors in the outer seven have accomplished the transmutation that I teach. 

Some of them have accomplished others I have not.  All of them have produced a large number of startling insights into the major issues of perception and consciousness facing humanity right now and onward into the 21st century.  So I ask once again:  how often you can find these authors in bookstores.  [?] 

There is a diagram I see being posted around social media, seemingly entitled ‘Graham’s hierarchy of disagreement’ [see above pyramidal diagram]*.   There are a large parts in the book that are explicitly ‘refuting the central point’ and ‘refutation’ [using quotes] of many commonly held truths. Not only this – there is a huge chain of evid4nce that what your metaphysical structure is determines the possibilities of what physical work can accomplish for you, in a very strange and interesting way.  

Indeed, the whole ‘metasplicing’ chapter involves quotes from those authors in the diagram at the top of the article interspersed with my own commentary [from the perspective of Physical Alchemy, in respects to how the mindshapes stay hidden and reform covertly – particularly in the realm of physical and adjacent methods].  

I would have had my book out many, many, [many!] moons ago if I resorted to modified ‘ad hominem’:  simply dissecting actual individuals social media posting behaviours, videos, writings and methods within a large blast radius of my own art with the lens of the mindshape.

But this is an inauspicious thing to do. 

Moreover – because of the active-recoagulating and subthreshold properties of the mindshapes, this would likely just produces a more stubborn, recalcitrant fixation of the person identifying with the mindshape as themselves and their values. 

For instance [and experimentally verified, many times]:  telling humans of the third mindshape that for them to post about politics [political or otherwise] is proselytiz3ng and s3cular god-bothering leads to even more volume and vehemency of said posting [often with even more verbose explanatory comments on ‘their’ own opinioning on the topics of the articles they are sharing and how people should/must do things differently; conveniently, in just the very same way the person ‘commenting’ is thinks and is prescribing] as mechanical recoil to the suggestion they are [It is] mechanically posting – just to show you it ain’t..

To quote from the holy gospel of ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’: 

the 21st century is a digital book.’

So, long ago and as best I could, I began a process of ‘alchemically apophatic’ social media posting. 

The shapeshifter property of the mindshapes in many ways makes this strategy the most useful.  As soon as a creative sub-culture births something that works towards life unmechanical, the mindshapes descend [in a specific sequence] like so many buzzards. 

To sketch the shape of the shapeshifter you need to paint the spaces.  To feed the essence, you fast from the mindshape. 

There are many people within the realms of physical and spiritual human development that I never mention.  Or mention at very specific and auspicious junctures (as just happened recently).

There are certain social media interactions and posts I never do [or do at a very specific juncture].   When I aim shock-posts I triangulate on the mindshapes in such a way that if you read the words on the screen and there is an internal reaction to this, it is an imprint-trigger and not a personal trigger.  The separation of mindshape imprint-triggers [what clashes with the false self at the level of the mindshape and its false-value architecture] and what are personal traumata is an essential aspect in the transmutation.  They interface very differently with the body.. if one has the awareness voltage to differentiate them. 


The mindshapes are not the individual human being

The mind is a hydra.  The mindshapes one of its wayward heads. 

They are false-Is that upon closer and specific inspection dissolve leaving the person more themselves.  Regrettably many people strongly identify some [or all] of the features of the mindshape with themselves. 

They are like a shit your soul has gotta take for you to be your authentic self .  To express your actual unique human form and essence into the world, non-mechanically.  The process of self-actualisation is subtraction, not addition [and certainly not multiplication – plurality being one of the prime symptoms of sleep]. 

To those who live from the essence no proof is needed.  To those completely identified with their mindshape, no proof is capable of being assimilated.  

The answer to this kōan is not to try and prove anything about essence, but simply to reflect the mechanicalness of the mindshapes back at themselves – and to show what unpatterned [on the level of the mindshape, at least] creation looks like. 

For those who consider themselves as living from the essence [have passed the metaphysical barrier to its existence] but whose mindshape has co-opted the metaphysical structure around its expression .. you are in for quite the shock.  

But, then again, lightning strikes can enkindle pyriscence.  

Poetics aside; very simple steps can begin this process. 

Simply note: ‘how and about what you post on the internet?’  – now begin not doing this [noting where and how the recoiling to this manifests in the body [to start with]]. Not what you speak about – and then have different conversations. Note what you think about – do not interpret it, either try you darnest not to think at all or evade thinking the thoughts that are habitual [in any of the many ways available to aid this]. 

What imprint-triggers you unrelated or enmeshed within personal trauma? There are common patterns under the personal stories.  A lot have to do with how the false-value structure of the mindshape organizes a mind.  There will be precise mapping in light of each mindshape for this extraction process in the tome.  The mindshapes mutate and shapeshift as they begin to come into focus, but luckily – being mechanical minds – they follow a distinct pattern when morphing outer form and superficial behaviour. 

As I am reaching the hinterland of the release of a book I will titrate out some more of the art will come out in this ‘small article’ [and the next two] to give a flavour for what is to come with the book – this time in direct and not apophatic form. 

After this trilogy of articles is published there will be changes it the formatting of a number of channels of information I put forth. 

How and what precisely, I am not sure:  but the answers to these types of decisions always arrives on time for Dave. As do the resources to write*

One aspect to occur after the publishing of the second article in this trilogy – ‘the Triangle and the Square’ – will likely be that I will post much more on physical exercises into the Facebook group, which have been [seemingly] suspiciously absent from a group entitled ‘Physical Alchemy’. 

Long ago, I was celebrated for ‘creating variations’ [….] 

The second article will explain why this has been so.  Part [but nowhere near all] of this is to do with the ‘hierarchy’ diagram just above. 

[*]  the mindshape and the gunas

So, at this point of observation and writing I can release some of the more interesting insights into the method. 

Aforementioned alchemically apophatic lessons mean what and how I talk in the public forum is vastly different to how I operate in person with my craft.   As I stated many, many moons ago in one of the many iterations of the ‘About’ page of Physical Alchemy:  Physical Alchemy is interested in all things physical body and Essence – especially the study of the Law of 3 and Law of 7 as it relates to the physical body, Human Beings and the planet.

Both ‘Laws’ are emphasized within the ancient traditions of India and Persia.  These Laws are not proto-science – they are pre-sci3nce, sciences that – unlike scientific materialism  [sci3nce] – operate, utilise and factor in the tesserractial ecologies realm of the Square, Triangle and Circle.  

Lamentably, they have got a bit tarred and featured because humans [usually C1rberus and C2rberus mindshapes – and often with an ‘anti-science’ colouring] try to utilize them when they do not have the capacity or properties present in the organism to use them auspiciously; utilize them in place of something that sci3nce is best suited for –  and, also, because both C1rberus and C2rberus are in mutiny towards sci3nce, as it functions in a way that is native to how the C3rberus mental centre operates that the other two have a much harder time processing [and because C3rberus is the reality arbiter mindshape for civilisation currently and the other two are in growing enmity to this, as often happens at  epoch ending times in civilisations]. 

Anyhow, back to these ancient Laws of universal functioning that care not whether they are in vogue – and can be studied easily alongside modern science if one knows how to differentiate when and where to use which. 

The 3 and the 7 – The three gunas [India]/ the Three Forces [Persia] and the alchemical dance of the creative Cosmos [represented in the Law of 7;  i.e  The seven dhātus of the body in ayuveda [India]:  blood, lymph, muscles, fat, bone, marrow and semen* -and so on].  The fusion of which is the integrated ‘universal hieroglyphic’ that is the enneagram [Persia] (now thoroughly struck by the disenchanting current in the public forum)* 

‘Thus the lord’s destructive aspect as Rudra is said to be tāmasa, i.e. that connected with obscuration, whereas Brahmā is characterized by rajas, the guna of emotion and activity, and Visnu, the preserver, by sattva, the guna of purity, rest and comfort.’

[The Hindu Trinity, J.Gonda,]

[And also:  ‘ God’s highest rank or position, or rather condition, – here also the phrase is the time-honoured paramam padam, that is his proper form (svarūpam) – is however without any guna; it is above them, above all constituents of phenomenal existence] (same article)

If we then apply this to the Circle, Triangle, Square model utilized within Physical Alchemy much because visible that is previously unseen.  All current evidence points to the mindshapes being a Station-gate.  Something that when dissolved leads to vastly different perceptual and other properties in the organism. 

You cannot clearly see them without having done work upon yourself [and against their pernicious influence] that has actually worked against the mindshape’s influence to the degree where they are visible – and they are visible to the eye. 

This is not psychology – with webs of interpretations and maybes. This is the akin to physical work:  the bar comes off the ground, or it does not.  The chin goes over the bar, or it does not.  Just as one can learn different types of pattern seeing of motion or the physical body and glean much new practically useful information, so it is with these – but on a slightly different level. 

If you falsely assume you have done this and try to interpret ‘the mindshapes from the mindshape’, you will – like clockwork –  show your mindshape.  You couldn’t make up the shit I have seen in this regard. As [G] says: ‘one does not need to go to the theatre’ after one breaches into this realm. The recoagulation patterns are far more amusing than the vanilla shapes, too. 

[*]  the mindshape and the doshas

The false equivalence of the mindshape with the tridosha [the three doshas of ayuveda] likely  comes from someone who has studied ayuveda and/or yoga but has not pierced the veil between the realm of the Square and the realm of the Triangle and is attempting to link maps that operate in totally different domains.  

Both of these are perceptible to the naked eye when one has perception of both realms- but they are patterns of different order.  Both are very useful, but different. 

Even on the cosmological level, the doshas are formed from combinations of the 5 elements  – which themselves manifest after the gunas as creation unfolds. 

‘As the five elements govern the physical structure of the human body, so the three doshas influence its function.  Each of the three doshas is derived from a unique permutation and combination of the five elements.’

[Marma Points of Ayuveda, Vasant. D. Lad & Anisha Durve]

A similar false equivalence happens when people assume the three mindshapes are the three ‘somatotypes’ of Shelon – ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph – which is easily perceivable as false because examples of what would be considered classic examples of all three somatotypes can be found with all three mindshapes. 

Thusly there is no correlation between mindshape and the somatotypes. 

Whether there is any correlation between the somatotypes and the doshas [as I have read] is for the ayudeva practitioners to decide and not I. *

[*] the mindshape and the enneagram

And now:   to what I have actually been doing the last decade [other than creatively insulting 5 standard deviations of Humanity]:   the alchemical and [indeed] auspicious research of the relationship between the physical body, the mindshapes and the enneagram.  

[A.k.a:  the mapping of the Captain and ‘First Mate’ of the heads of the Hydra [false-Is] and how the properties of the physical body and the essence change in relationship to the dissolution of these]. 

And boy[!] – has this been an interesting and volatile study.

Quite clearly the Chief Feature as mapped by the fixation of Awareness the enneagram number represents and the mindshape are different layers of the false-Is. 

The mindshape is also clearly not some interpretation of the ‘wings’ feature of the number. In pristine clarity it is not the ‘sub-types’ either. 


Both systems use the centres but they are very different in manifestation within the organism. [more in the book]

They DO interact and commune in interesting ways.


If the person gets somewhere with Work on the ‘Captain’, the ‘first mate’ takes over the recoagulation duties, covertly.  Some of the people I have met who are doing very commendably with one are also the textbook definition of the other.

The mindshape is ‘heavily involved’ with the production of the false-value structure of the organism – a.k.a what the person wastes their life trying to accomplish and what ‘they’ have set as their values and ideals.  This is one of the reasons the enneagram is booming as a ‘personality typing’ system but the mindshapes are below even a ‘diamond in the rough’.

This is also why people are ‘happy’ to find their Enneagram number [if, indeed, they find the correct one and are not duped] – but are utter dismayed and/or resist/question completely their mindshape.  What is found from the mindshapes is that they have been wasting their life after goals ‘they’ created from a completely false view of physical reality.  Inclusive of ‘spiritual goals’. 

So, whilst some of the the mindshapes ‘like’ finding their enneagram number [largely so they can validate something and hold knowledge over someone(s) –  people detest the mindshape diagnosis as it shows their ‘life goals’ as ‘It’s lifegoals and ‘values’.

Thankfully you are not the Captain or the First Mate – so what they like/don’t like is not particularly relevant to your full expression and happiness [in fact, these two lead you something diagrammatically opposite to what will actually make you happy and where you will find your Art].    

Long, long ago I tried to introduce this concept by saying mesodermal – but it fell largely on deaf ears for those already acquainted with both the enneagram and high quality physical work [though a small handful of the keen-eyed passed through] 

The mindshapes are liminal

The mindshapes exist between these realms. Between the body and the spirit.  Between the individual and the collective. 

And, in many ways, they control the information transfer between realms.  In more than one way they could be said to be a linchpin*

[*] alchemical cosmogenesis  [as above, so below]

Now, if we take a ‘non-religious’ view of the gunas [3 Forces]:  viewing them as the three forces that exist in and under and tesseractially operating through everything in the manifest universe.   The proportions of them at different layers giving the thing its characteristics.  It is possible to map the gunas onto this liminal layer of the human being that the mindshape exists within [which is reasonably deep]

C3rerbus is sattva coagulated.
C2rberus is rajas fixated.

C1rberus is tamas saturated.

As interesting as all this is you must understand that all mindshapes are equally inauspicious[more on this later]

They are a life bound to a mechanizing, Destiny-chelating subliminal false-I schematic…and also what most people call ‘their lives’. 

No amount of physical work purges them. 

No amount of spiritual trivia immunizes against them.


[*] prelude to ‘the Triangle and the Square’

A great many insights have come from this study that form the content of what I actually talk about with the small number other colleagues doing this type of work [certainly there are others out there, too].  Firstly, high capacity in the physical realm in no way confers ability into the mindshape liminal space or beyond in my experience and research.  

If anything I have found it is loaded more in the opposite direction [though in rare circumstances it pierces through].  Some of the best physical practitioners I know are among the worst pattern seers on the level of the mindshape and the enneagram I have met – and many are under the inaccurate believe of direct transfer by virtue of realm of the Square physical teaching abilities.. but it is not automatically so.  [would be easier if it was, but alas]

Just as the existence of a solitary black swan annihilates the statement ‘all swans are white’ –  I do not subscribe to the belief that physical work leads to aliveness [in the increased voltage and duration of Awareness sense.]  The most alive Being I know is simultaneously the least mobile Being I know[and with the worst diet, too – so there goes the fallacy of diet influencing consciousness at an absolute level]. 

And yet if physical work is taught in light of the mindshapes [and by someone who has escaped their mindshape] it does produce increased awareness in tandem with increased physicality- simplicity or complexity.  Complexity is nothing special; and a specific hindrance for C3rberus mindshape.  When physical work chelates the Circle or the Triangle to the Square – it becomes ‘mindful movement’ [usually espoused alongside neurodharma]. 

Next article I will be disclosing some of the major insights of my last ~20 years of research.  Some I have been waiting a decade to divulge.  Others I have been observing and plotting for ~20 years. 



*’Dymocks’ is a bookseller in Australia [not sure about other countries] that is perhaps the biggest of the still extant booksellers.  It is has a high regard in many of the C3rberus patterned erudite Australians eyes – as it sells books [of course] – and one should ‘broaden ones education’, ‘sharpen the mind’, etc. [….]  However, as you can see via the omission of these authors, it is symbolic of ‘only educating oneself as socially acceptable’ current of civilized-domesticated hominids – hence almost never having books that really point at the undertow upon its shelves. 

*semen –  more wide usage than the procreative seed of the male of a species.  Within tantrik and other systems of human transmutation the term ‘semen’ has other connotations and contexts to do with procreation, transmutation of different orders of energies, longevity, health and alchemy.  The feminine counterpart being usually energies associated with menstrual blood and the female reproductive organs both physically and on an energetic plane. 

Metanote:  also the people who you see posting ‘Grahams hierarchy’ on social media give away much of their own patterning [especially if taken with the rest of what they post and the timing of ‘their posting’] 

* mindshape3 for the most part is the one doing the ‘questioning’, ‘discussing’, ‘arguing’, ‘debating’, ‘philosophising’, et al.   Thusly they skewer themselves with words.  Mindshape2 skewers themselves with actions as they try to take material from the current and market or sell it.  mindshape1 skewers themselves via undiscernment – whether via words, deeds or silence and inaction.   Remembering always that the mindshape is a false I – not the human being itself, who can if shining through in any moment ask real questions.  Because of its mercurial and subliminal nature most times one has to have the fluid pattern of the mindshape sketched so they can begin the process of seperating the fine from the course

* C3rberus will refute:  ‘the mind is not a hydra!’ And in he usual ways, and with the usual philosobots as quotations.  The will also ‘play the Humean card’ on any number of the points of the article. 

*On somatotypes:  from memory Sheldon’s original work had many more than three somatotypes.. I tried tracking it down years ago but the leads ran dry.  Anyone who has this or knows where to find it, please email. 

*’stop doing ‘9’ and finish the book, Dave!’ is the common phrase I get from humans who have high skill at physical work and some knowledge of the ennegram but little understanding of the mindshapes or practical experience with working upon them.. Thanks for the encouragement! But this is not a book that is written in the standard way.  It is the alchemical stretching cycle taken into the realm of words and symbols. Effort, patience, manifestation in physical reality of precise lead I need for segment under pen in that moment.   It is beyond epic:  but you cannot really speak of it with people enmeshed within the realm of the Square.  These people ‘write books’, whereas t4mes pen themselves through a vessel as the person watches the synchronicities in pure astonishment. Patterns I have foreseen or conjecture come to Dave in physical reality.  I find myself saying ‘you cannot make this shit up!?’ most weeks – as something so auspiciously timed it would have been a once a decade event happens on the regular.   To see the living Cosmos flex its muscle in this way is astounding.  It would turn atheists into agnostics, and agnostics into spiritual humans.  Auspicious, I say [a lot – and I mean it]

Credit: The Ayurvedic Man, c.18th century. Credit: Wellcome Collection