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[*] undertow The above diagramatic scrawl is part of the schemata underlying the chapter upon said ‘undertow’ in the tome I am somewhat ponderously penning.  I sorely wanted to leave this particular chapter out of the tome.  As one of those few whose council’s I take seriously cautioned:  to expound upon it too much would make the tome ‘cultural alchemy’, when it is expressly aimed at being a manual of ‘physical’ alchemy.  The world needs many orders of magnitude less ...Read More

the body alchemical

‘In contemporary yoga practices we often jump into the third limb, of āsana, and end up with a fragmented and imbalanced yoga practice, because it has no roots.  The rooting of a practice occurs when one starts at the beginning with the ethical codes that Patañjali outlines as the stepping-stones to further practice, because the cornerstones of the path, the yamas, is bypassed or avoided altogether.’    [The Inner Tradition of Yoga, M.Stone] ‘The first component “limbs” of yoga are the ...Read More

Amnesia of the Felt Senses

[*] Amnesia of the Felt SensesThere is many times more information available on stretching than when I began studying and practicing it. There are many aspects to this – auspicious, suspicious and inauspicious. Much of the research and debate focuses on the efficacy (or lack thereof) of its use in improving range of movement and its therapeutic use (almost exclusively with pain). This is all well and good but largely besides the point for how I utilize it. And, as ...Read More